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Amjad testimonial

Amjad Majed

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Great experience working with SoftRadix and Saurav, he was understanding and very helpful.
Saurav led a team that developed us Web, iOS and Android apps using react JS and native technologies, the results were satisfying and the apps were working nice together reflecting the relations between different entities.
What I also like about them is their flexibility and that they were not complicating stuff for no reason.
It was a a great opportunity working with them and hopefully won’t be the last.

Stephen testimonial

Stephen Petrey

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I have no negative marks to share! I was continuously impressed with the speed and breadth of work Saurav and his team were able to deliver for us. They wrote excellent code, and were receptive to debugging and feedback, and were intuitive enough to problem solve very challenging product requirements. Highly recommend Saurav and the Soft Radix team!

Troy testimonial

Troy Broussard

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Pradeep was a senior team member on a very complex platform composing of iOS, Android, PHP, NodeJS and several other technology stacks. Pradeep was a very devoted member of the team, and my senior goto guy. Highly recommended.

Alex testimonial

Alex Ianovski

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Pradeep was a pleasure to work with. He’s a very talented developer who is keen on learning new skills. Our project required blockchain integration with web3JS libraries, which was new to him. He picked up the skills very quickly and consistently impressed us with his commitment to delivering quality work and meeting our timelines. I look forward to working with him again.

Chris testimonial

Chris Keller

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Prateek is an exceptional person and developer. I worked with him as a core team member for 8 months. It was a pleasure. I will hire him back when our budget expands again but economic challenges for us required that we end the contract for now.
Prateek is willing to work the hours necessary to get the work done and that is so meaningful. He is smart and knows how to code without anything more than the expected direction I would give anyone. He solves problems on his own and is a great team collaborator. He also suggests ideas that are meaningful that I wouldn’t have known to do. He is very good with firebase and crashlytics and did a lot of performance improving by reading our app crash logs and repairing our app.
He also worked across the iOS and Android code bases and that was super helpful to have all those skills in one person. I think the world of Prateek. We did video calls most days and he is also kind. Why does that matter? It made him enjoyable to work with.”

Dmitry testimonial

Dmitry Pervin

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Prateek and team were great to work with. Even though there was a timezone difference, they always made themselves available and collaboration was seamless. End product was full scale iOS app.

Testimonials -Denzil

Denzil Eden

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Working with SoftRadix has been great! They’ve done an amazing job — they’re quick to execute my vision and any specifications for our product.