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Build Dynamic Web Applications - Angular Development Services

End-to-end solutions are offered by SoftRadix in order to give your customers access to a scalable framework. We are dedicated to offer total control over the solutions that guarantee mild adaptability and are in line with AngularJS development markups.

Single Page Application (SPA)

AngularJS is based on JavaScript to create the front end and Single Page Applications. The developers can create readable, flexible code because it is dynamic and well-structured.

Smart Features

Data binding, MVC, Scope, Routing, Deep Linking, Controller, Services, Injections, Dependency, Cross-platform, and unit testing are features of AngularJS development that make it possible to create robust, spick-and-span, dynamic applications.

Client-Side Solution

A reliable selection of client-side application solutions is provided by AngularJS web application development. An interconnected set of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) applications built using AngularJS are made possible by features of the framework like form validation, dependencies, and data binding.

High Speed & Performance

By executing various web techniques such as bundling, compression, etc., Angular significantly minimizes page load time, which enhances the navigation and user experience.

Development-friendly data model

A simplified framework gives the flexibility to add and modify the properties directly on it as well as a loop over objects and arrange them as required.

Simplified MVC Architecture

AngularJS uses the MVC architecture to create robust web applications. Saving time and meeting deadlines by utilizing MVC through web applications into components helps in saving time and meeting deadlines.

Various Industries We Serve

We develop powerful and useful AngularJS solutions for difficult requirements by leveraging the extensive experience of our developers.  We have experience working with a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, finance, logistics, healthcare, eCommerce, etc.


To make transportation simple for people around the world, we provide logistic marketplace software either on-premises or on platforms powered by SaaS to clients in a variety of industries.


We also offer our services to the healthcare sector to enhance patient care, streamline medical workflows, and collect demographic data. 


We create robust, on-demand eCommerce solutions to expand your company. Our open-source development services are scalable and cross-platform compatible.


Our web apps feature fantastic virtual reality experiences, ticket and restaurant, hotel bookings, educational content, and images.


We develop e-learning apps and offer our clients cutting-edge, innovative services in the field of education.

Media & Entertainment

We offer a wide range of interactive digital services, such as exceptional animation, high-definition editing, and effects.


We help the publishing industry, like newspapers and magazines, to keep pace with the shift in customer behavior when reading magazines or the news.


Since we are a reputable Angular Development Services Dubai, UAE, USA, you can also get NGO or Non-profit App Development solutions from us.

Custom Development

We can create specialized apps using our development platform to adopt technology solutions to your specific industry needs.

Engagement Model

Are you already making up your mind to hire an Angular JS developer? Get customized web applications with a blend of interactive, user-friendly features and seamless performance.


We do brainstorming. analyze and read your requirements carefully to estimate everything before starting.

Time Estimation

After analyzing the requirements, we try to conclude the binding date and overall time estimation of development.

Detailed Scope

Our team will now prepare a detailed scope document for a client so that they can have an insight into every step and its functionalities.

Prototyping and Design

A quick way to create the initial design sketches for your app is through prototyping during the development stages of web applications.


The creation of an application involves more than just coding. Each client desires that the app be produced on schedule. The majority of software development teams use a backlog—a storehouse of tasks.

Project Completion

If your dynamic single-page application design passes the usability test, it’s time to give your dream project a proper structure and see it through to completion.

Sign Off

It’s the phase where you’ve handed over all the deliverables and are about to dismiss the project team from your product.

Angular Development

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What Makes Us a Reputed Angular Application Development Company?

Develop a unique iOS application with Softradix, your trusted partner with 10 years of experience in iOS development. Meet our experts who can understand your business idea and build an iOS application that will keep you ahead of the competition in the market.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide the best AngularJS web development and design services as we use the most recent frameworks and technologies to create innovative business solutions that are user-friendly, scalable, and meet your needs.

Dedicated Teams

Our team of AngularJS experts is committed to providing high-end business solutions using a variety of frameworks and technologies.

Our Satisfied Clients

We are a leading Angular JS Web Development agency in the USA. We offer Single Page, Scalable & Secure Web Application Development using AngularJS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Mobile Applications Can You Create?

If we categorize our mobile applications based on the technology used to code them, we can find three basic types: 

Native apps: Native applications are created and optimized solely for one platform or operating system. 

Web Apps: Web apps are mobile-friendly versions of websites that function on all mobile devices and operating systems because they are delivered through a mobile browser. 

Hybrid apps: Hybrid apps are a mix of native and web apps wrapped in a native app, allowing it to have its own icon and be downloaded from an app store. 

What distinguishes cross-platform from native app development?

A cross-platform computer product or system can run on multiple platforms and operating systems. Cross-platform systems include both hardware and software, as well as systems that require separate builds for each platform and larger systems designed to work in the same way across multiple platforms.

The process of developing apps in a platform’s native language and using APIs/frameworks designed specifically for accessing device features or functions, such as Java or Kotlin with the JDK for Android and Obj-C or Swift with the iOS SDK for iOS, is referred to as native app development.

How much does it cost if I want to develop a mobile app?

Well, developing an application entails lots of costs. Basically, it depends upon your requirements. Basic applications will cost you less as compared to full-fledged and well-designed applications.

Can we arrange a call to talk about my app idea and learn more about your technical capabilities?

Yes, we will be able to set up a call with you to discuss your app idea, and our dedicated team will do everything possible to understand your requirements and work in accordance with them.

How can the data security of mobile apps be ensured?

All of our staff members are obligated by law to follow our security guidelines and receive training on the most recent data security techniques.  Additionally, if a client wants, we can also offer non-disclosure agreements (NDA). We also follow some security measures to secure anyone’s data, which require fob access and a keycode to enter.

How can you assist us in creating a successful app?

We can help you maximize growth and provide the answer to how to easily create a successful web or mobile app. We follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Unique web/mobile App Concept – Idea
  • Efficient UI and UX-Appearance
  • Provides a Solution – Usability 
  • Has protective layers. Security
  • Stable workflow – Performance
  • Quick User Access (QUA) – Engagement

I'm not tech savvy; how will you make this development understandable to me?

Project managers were assigned to non-technical clients to assist them in understanding the development process at various stages, including planning and strategy, designing and developing, testing for quality, and launching.

Which software development methodology do you follow?

We follow both software development methodologies such as Zira and Agile practices, depending on the process that’s best suited to your business and the way you want to work with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Angular, and why should I choose it for my development project?

Angular is a robust open-source web application framework developed and maintained by Google. Choosing Angular ensures a structured and scalable development process, making it ideal for creating dynamic, single-page applications (SPAs). Our top Angular development agency in the US specializes in leveraging Angular’s powerful features to deliver high-performance, maintainable, and feature-rich web applications.

How does Softradix approach AngularJS development services?

At Softradix, we follow a comprehensive approach to AngularJS development services.Our experienced developers employ best practices, cutting-edge technologies, and a client-centric mindset to deliver tailored solutions. From AngularJS version upgrades to custom application development, we cover a wide spectrum of AngularJS services to meet diverse client requirements.

What sets Softradix apart as a top Angular development agency in the US?

Softradix stands out as a top Angular development agency due to its commitment to delivering excellence. Our team of skilled Angular developers brings extensive experience, technical expertise, and a focus on client satisfaction to every project. We prioritize innovative solutions, adherence to timelines, and transparent communication throughout the development lifecycle.

Can Softradix provide assistance with AngularJS version upgrades?

Yes, we specialize in AngularJS version upgrades. Our team ensures a smooth transition, addressing compatibility issues and enhancing your application with the latest AngularJS features. Upgrading to the latest version helps in improving performance, security, and overall user experience.

What types of Angular development services does Softradix offer?

Softradix offers a wide array of Angular development services, including but not limited to:

  • Angular web application development
  • AngularJS to Angular migration
  • Angular component development
  • Angular version upgrades
  • Angular consulting and support
  • Custom Angular solutions

How can I engage with Softradix for Angular development services?

Engaging with Softradix for Angular development is a straightforward process. You can reach out to us through our website’s contact form, and our team will promptly respond to discuss your project requirements. Alternatively, you can email us directly or give us a call to initiate the conversation.

Does Softradix provide Angular consulting services?

Yes, we offer Angular consulting services to help clients make informed decisions about their Angular development projects. Our experienced consultants provide insights into best practices, project planning, scalability, and performance optimization, ensuring the success of your Angular-based applications.

What industries does Softradix cater to with its Angular development services?

Softradix serves a diverse range of industries with its Angular development expertise. Our portfolio includes successful projects across healthcare, finance, e-commerce, education, and more. Our adaptable approach allows us to tailor Angular solutions to meet the unique requirements of various industry verticals.

How is testing handled in Angular development projects?

Softradix employs comprehensive testing strategies for Angular applications. We use both manual and automation testing tools. For unit testing, we leverage tools such as Selenium, and for end-to-end testing, we utilize Protractor. These practices ensure the reliability and quality of the code.